About Us

As the founder is passionate about Thai massage career and services and has over 15 years of experience in Thai massage, the founder would like to promote the culture and tradition, and take the Thai massage business to a global scale. Determined to change the image of Thai massage to be widely accepted internationally, Thaihand brings the techniques of Thai massage that have high value and a high standard of service to create an impressive and memorable Thai massage experience for people from every corner of the world.

A well-known Thai massage that everyone should experience at least once is influenced by a Chinese and Indian treatment that includes combining techniques of muscle stretching and reflexology. The massage is done on a mattress with comfortable gown provided for the massage. The massaging treatment here at Thailand does not use oil for the massage but applies balm to deliver the feeling of freshness and good relief from aching muscles.

Thaihand Shop is one of the leaders in the Thai massage business and is accepted for its surpassing unique style, good services, selection of professional therapists, cleanliness and safety at high standards, and a location that makes you comfortable on your visit. These are the 5 cores of our service that customers are pleased with and we will not stop developing to make your visit to Thaihand Shop full of happiness and relaxation leaving the greatest impression.