The Core of Our Outstanding Service

Thaihand Shop is one of the leaders in the Thai massage business and is accepted for its surpassing unique style, good services, selection of professional therapists, cleanliness and safety at high standards, and a location that makes you comfortable on your visit. These are the 5 cores of our service that customers are pleased with and we will not stop developing to make your visit to Thaihand Shop full of happiness and relaxation leaving the greatest impression.

Shop Decoration

Experience Thai characteristics through a one-of-a-kind decoration design delivering the beauty of modern Thai style. Emphasis is place on family-like friendliness in a warm atmosphere. Enjoy different ways of refreshing yourself for a livelier relaxation.

Enjoy the “Three Seasons of Siam” Atmosphere

On top of variety, there is one thing that visitors must be familiar with. It is the vibes of the Three Seasons of Siam which is an identity you can only see at Thaihand Shop. With the gentle aroma of natural essential oils and sweet- easy-listening music specially created for you, you can enjoy and relax at the highest level.

Professional Therapists

Our therapists are meticulously selected through both learning of theories and practical training. The teachers who provide the lessons have received certification from the Ministry of Education. You can be confident that, for every relaxation, you will experience this acceptable standard from Thaihand.

We create the vibes and select the best products.

For excellent service and hygiene, we have the policy to change the bed linens, towels, massage outfits and personal amenities after every service, massage and treatment. In addition, we choose to use the products and massaging oils that are extracted from natural herbs to allow the customers to receive the best massage experience from us.

Refreshing Tastes

Receive a refreshing experience with delicious fresh tropical herb juice. Thaihand would like to provide welcome drinks which are aromatic sweet bael fruit juice (no sugar), hot ginger juice during the massage, and cookies or Thai dessert after the massage. This is to make you feel fresh and ready for other activities that you can do for the rest of the day.